Vlogs from our time in Romania

Here is a list of all the vlogs from Romania, to view a video click on the blue text and enjoy!


Vlog Day 1

Today we arrived in Romania, here we have already done several things. Take a look with us!


Vlog Day 2

It was the first day on the construction! After some delays and bumps on the road, the work could really start. And this on a beautiful sunny day! Take a look with us on the construction!


Vlog Day 3

Today the 2nd day on construction, but still a strange day. Halfway through the day the boys had to leave the building to attend a funeral of one of the children from the village. This has had an impact on some of the boys. However, we had to continue working after this interruption!


Vlog Day 4

Today a slightly grayer day, it was a bit cloudy and everything didn't go very smoothly. The kitchen water pump broke down in the middle of the day and this required some improvisation from the boys ....


Vlog Day 5

It is already the 5th day and the boys have a good taste. The work is generally going well and good progress is being made!


Vlog Day 6

Today the 6th day and we thought it was about time you got to see the village!


Vlog Day 7

Day 7 has arrived, the first Sunday. Sunday is also a day of rest with us. Many of the boys took it easy this day and we also climbed the mountain to the dungeon.


Vlog Day 10

Day 10 was all about isolation and this has happened in full! The highest point has been reached with both buildings and the homework accommodation is already very far away.


Vlog Day 11

Day 11 was a day off to go into the mountains!


Vlog Day 12

Day 12 and we worked hard again. The boys also bought a hair clipper and made good use of it!


Vlog Day 13

Day 13 was dominated by a lot of rain, but we still had to work!


Vlog Day 14

Hard work was done today, but the men still had to stand in the rain again. Our infirmary is now starting to fill up!


Vlog Day 15

Today we go to the construction site!


Vlog Day 16

Today we had dinner with the children from the village, this was made possible by the Albert Heijn!


Vlog Day 17

The second last day on the construction site ......


Vlog Day 18

The very last day on construction! Also a tour of our cottages ...