Students from Groningen build an Educational Center!

In this project, students from the Noorderpoort college in Groningen can now look back very happily on their 3 weeks stay in Romania. They worked hard on building an educational center in a poor village in central Romania. With this, the students were not only supported by the village, but they learned about themselves, such as new skills and broadening their knowledge. They came back extremely tired, but incredibly proud at the same time!

It was a success for an incredible fourth time in that a group of MBO students from the Noorderpoort from Groningen went to central Romania to build an educational center for a village called Tichindeal. This, once initiated as a private project, was taken over and supported by a number of foundations and educational institutions, including Noorderpoort. In addition to the students from the Noorderpoort college, there were also students from Alfa College, and students from the Terra MBO from Groningen and Meppel also.

The main goal of this project was to provide structural assistance in this village by means of the realization and the importance of an educational center that can follow through and provide the children of Romania the right to an education. Local residents also helped out on the project, cooking meals, making teas and coffees, helping with the foundation of the building. The 20 MBO students involved in this project, including Level 1 and Level 2, have experienced an unforgettable work and social experience.

Dutch source:

In the regional newspaper "Dagblad van het Noorden" attention is paid to the talent for Romania project in regards to the reason for the project, work activities and overall progress of the educational center.