What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is the European grant program for education, youth and sport. The idea behind this is that people can constantly develop through education, training and non-formal learning: a lifelong learning.


A lifelong learning

The idea is that an investment in education, training and non-formal learning is crucial to giving people – regardless of their age or background – the opportunity to develop continuously: a lifelong learning.


Erasmus+ strengthens the knowledge of Europe

Erasmus+ educational outcomes consist of knowledge or skills that ultimately make the European economy stronger. Europe must become smarter to be an attractive knowledged economy and to remain this way.  It is also necessary to compete with other knowledged regions anywhere in the world. Erasmus+ is the means to achieve that goal.


Erasmus+ Budget

For the period 2014-2020, the European Commission has reserved almost 15 billion euros.


Components of the grant program:

Erasmus+ consists of three key actions for all levels of education, from primary to university, adult and youth sectors. Non-formal learning is also included in the program. The three key actions are:


*Strategic Partnerships (including Sector Skills and Knowlegde Alliances)

*Policy Development


Increase mobility inside and outside Europe

The European Commission wants to increase mobility, including outside Europe. Therefore, the EC makes more fairs available for students, interns, teachers and others. 

Erasmus+ more specifically engages youths in internationalization and attaches more importance to non-formal learning. Cross-sectoral activities stimulate cooperation between education and industry.


Regarding project Talent for Romania (Tichindeal educational center)

This project is recognized as "good practice," according to Erasmus+.

The project is rated very well and deserves more attention within the European Union. "It is a good thing that 16 Level 1 and Level 2 participants are not only supervised by teachers, but especially students from Level 3 and 4", says Erasmus+.