Homework residence Project in Tichindeal, Romania

What are we going to do?

3 years ago the build of the homework residence started. With students from the Noorderpoort, Alfa-college and Terra MBO in the Netherlands we are continuing the build of the beautiful building. With the help that the students provide the building process’s wage costs are reduced by a lot. Because of this the money that we safe can be used for the remainder of the construction. Every school day children can come to the residence to do their homework. If needed they can also receive additional support with their homework.

The current situation

Non-profit foundation “Actie Roemenië” is active in some very poor villages northeast of Sibiu, among which a village called “Tichindeal”

A lot of children do not go to school. The reason for this is mostly the fact that there is no money for education. The children who are being helped by the Foundation get the chance to go to school.

In addition to following the lessons, homework is just as important. The children must be supported in this, but most parents have not been to school themselves and are therefore unable to support the children. We would like these children to get good homework guidance, which will have a more beneficial effect on their school results.

Goal “Stichting Actie Roemenië” with regard to the homework residence

Our goal is that the children can develop themselves further. To make this goal a reality “Actie Roemenië” wants to offer the children a safe environment with enough support and materials.

When children get this, they have the chance to get better school results. Furthermore, the aim is to involve younger children and adults from the village in this project.

Parties involved in the construction:

  • Non-profit foundation “Actie roemenië” has so far brought together a large part of the development and construction
  • Erasmus+ has made money available for transport & stay and the cultural program (= Social
  • Non-profit foundation “Lamp” Has also contributed to construction
  • Noorderpoort, Alfa-college & Terra MBO have in addition to students for construction, provided a substantial financial
  • Supporting Guidance : Sanne van Neijenhof, Johan Steenhuis, Gerrit Katoen and Peter
  • Project management : Frank Broeders, Gerry Blaauw and Hans Buissink



The realization will be made possible by students from Noorderpoort, Alfa College and Terra MBO who will continue building the Homework residence.

Besides the students there will also be coming:

  • A student from the “Entree Opleiding Horeca”, prepares lunch every day and provides coffee and tea breaks.
  • A student of "Business & Administration" education “Marketing and Communication". He is responsible for Marketing, Communication, PR and Organization.
  • Teachers